Smith Powell & Company Professional Services

Sign here sticker on documentSmith Powell & Company is a full service firm that offers a wide range of services across many industries. We realize that each and every client is unique and requires personal attention to meet their desired objectives.
We have been in business for over 100 years. Since the beginning we have seen many changes, and our ability to adapt has enabled us to offer each client the highest quality service year after year.

At Smith Powell & Company you get strong leadership that listens to achieve all business and individual needs.

Business Services

Assurance – Business Entity Financial Statements

Federal, State, and Multi-State Income Tax Returns for Private Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations.
-Sole Proprietorships
-Partnerships (including LLCs)
-Professional Corporations
-Exempt Organizations
-Farmers Cooperative Associations
-IRS & State Agency Correspondence

Other Quarterly and Annual Tax Returns
-Payroll Tax
-Personal Property Tax
-Sales Tax

Bookkeeping Services
-Account Reconciliation
-Data Entry
-General Ledger Posting

Accounting Systems Setup for New and Existing Businesses
-Accounts Receivable
-Accounts Payable
-Job Costing
-Time Tracking
-QuickBooks Consulting & Training

Other Services
-Employee Benefits
-Financial Forecasting & Projections
-Cash Flow Management
-Business Succession Planning
-Consulting Services

Individual Services

Individual and Trust Income Tax Returns
-State or Multi-State
-Connivence to E-File
-Tax Planning

IRS & State Agency Correspondence

Estate, Gift Tax Returns
-State or Multi-State

Personal Financial Statements

Additional Financial Services
-Personal Bill Pay
-Bank Loan Application Assistance
-Student Financial Aid Application

Personal Accounting System Setup
-Bill Pay
-Online Banking
-Investment Accounts

Trust and Estate Services
-Trust Accounting
-Charge and Discharge Statement used in litigation

We are not limited to just these services, please contact us for your specific situation.

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Our Industry Experience

-Automobile Dealer Advertising Groups
-Construction Contractors
-Dental/Medical Offices
-Equipment Dealers
-Farmers Cooperatives
-Farmers & Ranchers
-Governmental Entities
-Insurance Agencies
-Land Developers
-Non-Profit Organizations
-Personal Services Companies
-Property Managers
-Realtors & Brokers
-Retailers & Wholesalers
-And More